Yesterday Should’ve Been Trump’s Last In Office

It’s time to invoke the 25th and remove him.

It’s hard to grasp the abuse that Donald Trump has given United States citizens. To us. To everyone. He’s abused Democrats, he’s abused Republicans, he’s abused America.

Donald Trump has gaslit this country, and so yesterday, riots from thugs in MAGA hats stormed the steps of Capitol Hill. All were told to “be there, be wild!” by the president. Following more than 50 legal challenges (all of which failed), his supporters marched on the Capitol to “protest” the certification of the Electoral College for President-elect Joe Biden.

Just an election.

The imagery that followed only got worse. MAGA flags, U.S. flags, Confederate flags, racism, and hate speech. A civilian woman who heard Trump’s words and fled to his call for action was shot and killed inside the Capitol building. Three more died of medical emergencies. Wolf Blitzer was on CNN mouthing the words, “law enforcement are nowhere to be seen.”

We can’t endure any more of this tragic experiment. And honestly, the experiment that has unfolded for four years…it’s a circus, reality television-style. We’ve waited “just four years” which became “just one year” which became “just a couple of months.”

It’s over.

Thousands will die, and have died, because of Trump’s inaction response to Covid, his lame-duck presidency spent golfing or taking phone calls while hundreds of thousands and more battle coronavirus. Many more will perish as a fault of his con. He’s conned his supporters into thinking this is about healthcare or coronavirus response or taxes or protecting themselves from a tyrannical government.

He is the tyranny. This is the tyrannical government.

All that happened was an election and he lost. But he couldn’t possibly lose because there was no other option, even days before the election saying on national television, “I don’t like to lose.”

Politicians are bound to lose elections, it’s one of the absolute certainties in the political path. I’m not sure you could name even one political figure who has never lost an election. Yet, Trump has managed to become the first president to lose re-election and both chambers of Congress since Herbert Hoover in 1932.

But yesterday, Trump was forced to film a video encouraging supporters to “go home” and “stay peaceful,” even Donald Trump Jr. tweeted, “this is not who we are.” But it’s exactly who you are. The Democratic Party, the Republican Party, and Trump supporters…none of those are the same.

“Donald Trump” is not a political party, it’s a cult. Every Republican leader who encouraged and incited Trump’s calls for violence should be expelled from Congress right now. Yes, that includes Ted Cruz and Josh Hawley. That also includes Matt Gaetz, a Representative from Florida, who stood on the House floor yesterday evening saying that the terrorists who invaded the Capitol was Antifa.

Those were Trump’s “fans” and that’s exactly who they are. It’s who they’ve always been.

Yesterday, Twitter locked Donald Trump’s account for 12 hours, deleted several tweets, and limited replies on many of them for regard to an incitement of violence. It happened but it took four years.

That’s just a tad late, don’t you think? Watching this unfold gave me flashbacks to ninth grade history when we learned about Nazi Germany and how Hitler rose to power. Anyone who cares the slightest inch about Democracy would invoke the 25th amendment. He needs to go.

25, lives in Lansing. I write stuff about gadgets and video games.

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