This monitor is what Apple’s Studio Display should have been

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Brad LaPlante
3 min readSep 30, 2022


Studio Display (via CNN)

Apple’s Studio Display was a disappointment. Let’s just call it what it was.

Ever since Apple released its Pro Display XDR, I wanted something like this but geared towards casual users. This past Spring, that is exactly what I got. Unfortunately, it wasn’t what I asked for.

We’ll break this down into two parts. First, let’s go over what went wrong with Apple’s Studio Display.

A non-detachable power cable

For one, the Studio Display is $1599. For that price, you’d hope you’re getting a lot. For example, Face ID should be there. It’s not, despite having a webcam. The biggest concern is the power cable in the back that doesn’t detach.

I’ve personally never seen a monitor that has a power cable that doesn’t come out, or isn’t supposed to.

It’s not the first time that Apple has done this, either. When releasing the HomePod, the cable wasn’t detachable. This is something else. If the cable breaks, the entire display goes in to be serviced.

No FaceID

Like I said, this doesn’t have FaceID. If I’m paying for a monitor that is as expensive as the Studio Display is, I want everything I’m hoping for. I don’t need it to be as bright as the Pro Display XDR, but I do need some features in a luxurious display.

The webcam is also quite interesting because it’s only at 720p. Nothing to sneeze at.

The stand

We all know about the backlash Apple got for not including the stand in its Pro Display XDR (although most buying the display already have a stand and will just be buying the mount).

The stand that comes with the Studio Display is fine. But here’s the catch: it only tilts. If you want to adjust the height, the upgrade is $400. So no longer is it a $1599 display, it’s $1999.


To recap, there’s no FaceID, no removable power cable, the stand isn’t consumer upgradable. It’s also a single-backlight LCD, which is not too big of a deal.