Mr. Mayor is a tone-deaf jab at progressive politics: review

Brad LaPlante
2 min readJan 22, 2021
Mr. Mayor

It’s so sad that Mr. Mayor doesn’t live up to any expectations. The combination of Ted Danson and Tina Fey should be a slam dunk. But rather, the show’s writing and “jokes” often rely on half-baked Coronavirus parody, ‘cancel culture,’ and anything else Generation Z is mildly interested in.

Ted Danson plays Neil Bremer — the cheerfully unqualified and newly-elected mayor of Los Angeles. On his first day as mayor, Bremer exclaims, “let’s ban something that sucks,” and proceeds to ban plastic straws. What results is a liberal councilperson protesting the straw ban in defense of disabled people who need to use straws. The logic here makes sense, but as a joke for television, it’s just not funny.

A major dialogue focus is millennials and gen z’s obsession with “cancelling” politicians and celebrities, feminism, and Twitter trends. While there’s obvious room to parody some of these conversations — adult comedies such as South Park and BoJack Horseman have done this well — it’s not good here and it feels…bad.

At 22 minutes, the ready-for-network sitcom slugs itself to the finish line. It’s hard to watch, disappointing, and unpleasant. The jokes and writing are no better than Kevin Hart’s reliance on homophobia to crack a laugh. It’s a reminder that the media is often so out of touch with progressive politics and sometimes it’s hard not to ask why the show’s creators even bothered with this at all.

Brad LaPlante

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