I finally ditched Safari — here’s why

The time has come.

Brad LaPlante
5 min readOct 20, 2022


Anyone who knows me knows I love Safari. I would die for Safari. I think it’s simple, quick, and easy to use. In fact, Apple says it is the fastest web browser you can use for Mac. I believe them.

I don’t like Google Chrome. Firefox is old and outdated. I would never use Microsoft Edge no matter how much I’m begged to use it. Opera is…well, Opera. Brave isn’t anything special, like hundreds of you told me it was.

There’s a new player. It is Arc.

Arc is made by The Browser Company and it is still in development. I’m using it through an early-access student release from this month. The public can sign up via waitlist. It might be the greatest web browser of all-time.

Here are my favorite features.


Aesthetically, Arc is beautiful. Upon launching, users are greeted with the following screenshot.

The browser is branded as a “new web experience.”

Too many browsers feel cluttered. I’m not speaking of Safari but Chrome, Firefox, and Edge all feel like there is too much going on.

Interestingly enough, the aesthetics of Arc are one of the browser’s best features because that’s what it needs. Apple users love Safari and Chrome. Since Arc is currently only available for Mac, it needs to compete with Mac users.

Once you’re using the browser, it takes a second to figure out where everything is located. Once you do, it’s incredible.

Pinned Bookmarks and Spaces

Every browser has bookmarks but Arc utilizes them a bit differently. They have both “pinned” tabs and favorites.

Favorites are at the very top. There’s also pinned tabs below that. Anything else is under are considered “today” tabs below the line.

Let’s dive into how these function.

For example, say I want to find the score of the Yankees-Astros game in the American League Championship Series. So I open ESPN and head…