It doesn’t take a genius to know that Google’s incompetency has rendered their hardware divisions a tiring, murky mess.

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I’ve written many articles about how Google is just spyware to sell their only real product: advertising. Why else does Google exist? It’s not like they’re really making money from YouTube Premium or their phones which have struggled to compete with Samsung’s brands despite Google creating the software themselves.

If we’re grading companies based on their success at marketing, Apple gets an A+ and Google gets an F. In fact, Google has tried copying Apple’s success for years, and has failed every time.

Google’s recent smartphone line, the Pixel, is the epitome of their failures. The only thing Google hasn’t…

The obsession with Brave is misguided and isn’t better than other browsers.

Brave browser for Mac

As I posted my viral piece last December, titled “Google Chrome Is The Worst Browser” (syndicated on The Next Web), several critics were quick to point out my lack of a good alternative such as Brave.

Even more critics were upset that I recommended Microsoft Edge as a replacement to Chrome when they’re both Chromium-based. Well, hey, so is Brave.

At first, I was shocked that I hadn’t discussed Brave before. In all honesty, I hadn’t even heard of it.

Brave is a semi-new Chromium-based open-source web browser that officially launched to the public in 2016. Browsers like Safari and…

For when a premium webcam doesn’t cut it.

Until I settled down into writing and podcasting, my main medium to create content for was actually YouTube. I hosted my own show where I interviewed musicians who toured through my city and even hosted a show on the side where I played video games via Let’s Plays and through live streaming on Twitch.

Here’s some advice I wish I had — and no, this isn’t sponsored.

If you buy a webcam, especially in the era of Zoom and FaceTime, you’ll likely end up spending more money than is actually necessary. …

What began as a way to read any magazine has evolved into something that might be hurting the industry.

In the last few years, Apple has been hard at work improving its services such as Apple Arcade, Apple TV+, and others. One of those is Apple News+, a magazine subscription service that allows users to read exclusive content from publications such as the Los Angeles Times, Wall Street Journal, and Rolling Stone.

The trouble Apple has had with News+ may seem like an anomaly. Other servies, like TV+ and Arcade are doing fine. Apple TV+ has me hooked with shows like The Morning Show (starring Steve Carrell, Jennifer Anniston, and Reese Witherspoon), Ted Lasso, and Central Park (from the…

The iPad Pro is a mega-device and I’m completely shocked by how impressive it is.

Sometimes I’m critical of Apple, but this is not one of those times. Apple’s iPad is hands-down the best tablet created, now or in the past. That isn’t a debatable topic and no Android tablet, Microsoft Surface, or Google Chrome thingamajig could change my mind.

When the iPad first launched, I thought it was a stupid idea. “It’s just a big iPhone,” I used to say. I would actively gawk at people for buying this “big iPhone.” Fast forward ten years or so and my iPad Pro is my main work device. I use it for almost everything: work, school…

In defense of my favorite Apple product.

I’m Brad. I’m twenty-five and reside in East Lansing, Michigan. I am a freelance tech writer and I’m in love with the iPad Pro.

As an ex-Apple hater, I could never in a thousand years imagine buying an iPad. As a kid, I thought they were overpriced hunks of garbage that only those over the age of seventy would use to scroll through Facebook and retrieve cooking recipes. Apple, being the marketing geniuses they are, must have recognized how unattractive the iPad was to a large number of users, despite high sales numbers.

My first MacBook was purchased in 2017…

The new operating system is due out this fall.

Finally, Microsoft’s operating system is getting a much-needed upgrade. It’s hard to know exactly what these updates are going to offer with Microsoft flipping between Windows 7 to Windows 8, realizing they screwed up and launching Windows 8.1, then completely redesigning the OS for Windows 10 (somehow we skipped 9).

Whether we want it or not, Windows 11 is coming.

In the newest upgrade, Microsoft is taking notes from Apple’s playbook. The first thing users will notice is a macOS-like approach with the Start Menu and taskbar icons in the center of the page. …

The game takes place July 13th from Coors Field.

2021’s fan voting for the MLB All-Star Game is officially here. The game will take place at Coors Field, home of the Colorado Rockies, after being moved from Truist Field in Atlanta.

First base

American League

Starter: Vladimir Guerrero Jr (TOR)
Reserves: Trey Mancini (BAL) and Matt Olson (OAK)

National League

Starter: Freddie Freeman (ATL)
Reserves: Pete Alonso (NYM) and Anthony Rizzo (CHC)

It’s easy to see why Vladimir Guerrero Jr should be an automatic All Star starter in this year’s midsummer classic. He’s hitting .346 which is just ridiculous, has 22 home runs which leads all Major League hitting, and carries a 1.148 OPS. He’s…

Jim Harbaugh’s on very thin ice and so is the university.

Michigan Football has always pretended to be an elite program while refraining from doing anything implying they are. Jim Harbaugh’s contract was just extended in a small “mini deal.” After not performing for five years, Michigan gave him a smaller contract at half of his original salary, but still a fun $4 million per year.

This past month has not been kind to Michigan, for good reason.

In February, allegations surfaced about Michigan’s team doctor, Robert Anderson, who worked for the school from 1968–2003.

Tad Deluca, a wrestler who attended the school from 1972–1976, said Anderson was known as “Dr…

It’s a great game but could be so much better.

In the two months that I have been playing MLB The Show 21, I’ve realized that it is the best edition that the franchise has to offer. Stadium Creator, the improvements to Diamond Dynasty, a refresh of the depth chart system in Franchise Mode, and the Road to the Show refresh were all stellar improvements to an already great game.

It’s still easy to see where the San Diego Studio staff missed, though. Most of my gripes within the game come from actually playing the game, though. It comes from physically hitting or batting or fielding. …

Brad LaPlante

25, lives in Lansing. I write stuff about gadgets and video games.

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