macOS has managed to exceed Windows in almost every way.

Apple vs Microsoft. David vs Goliath. Okay, but not really.

Users of Apple’s OS are very committed behind it, especially now that Apple is well into their release of macOS 11, Big Sur. It’s been a monumental year for the tech giant in regards to their computer hardware as they are in the midst of a two year transition between Intel’s processors and Apple’s system-on-a-chip, dubbed M1.

In high school, I was friends with a boy named Eric (not really his name, but it definitely fits his profile). At the time, I had no interest in politics and couldn’t understand…

Massive new privacy changes, AirTag support, and how to unlock your iPhone with a mask on.


Apple’s most recent iPhone software release, iOS 14, was officially announced at the Worldwide Developer Conference at Apple Park, live streamed over YouTube and Apple’s website, back in June of 2020. It was Apple’s first event under the coronavirus pandemic, featuring CEO Tim Cook and other executives to announce what’s new to iOS 14, the privacy concerns it helps solve, and how it will improve the iPhone 12, which hit shelves last fall.

Up until now, however, iOS 14 wasn't fully complete yet. The update that Facebook was worried about was just released and it comes loaded with brand new…

A run-down of everything at Apple’s 4/20 event.

Apple’s very first event of 2021 is upon us and it’s titled “Spring Loaded.” The event was likely given the dub after how much they’re announcing compared to previous spring events. In 2019, Apple spent most of the event on their Services sector — Apple Card, TV+, Arcade, and more. In 2018, Apple hosted an event from Chicago that focused solely on a new education iPad. This 2021 event will look much more like an Apple Event, full of announcements, products, and more.

This is a run-down of everything Apple announced today.

AirTags and a new purple iPhone 12

Apple’s first announcement of the day was a…

After a hiatus last year, Apple’s spring event this year is on

Apple’s new event is on April 20th and is called “Spring Loaded” — their annual spring event. Apple didn’t hold one last year due to the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic. They did hold one in the summer, as well as two fall announcements which involved iOS 14/macOS Big Sur, the Apple Watch, iPhone 12, and new Mac lineup with M1 chips.

The tech giant’s last spring event was in 2019 and focused on Apple’s Services like Arcade, TV+, and others. From Chicago in 2018, Apple announced a new education-focused iPad.

Here’s what we can expect.

The event

Apple’s annual spring event…

Cut the chord: no more Xfinity, no more AT&T.

I’ve been a long opponent of cable in any form. Companies like Comcast, Spectrum, and AT&T have dominated the home internet experience for far too long. In my first year with Xfinity’s internet service, I was paying $70 per month plus a $13 modem rental fee, along with a number of other random fees each month. And that was just the introductory offer — after my first year, the plan went up to $90 per month.

Then Xfinity asked me something odd: “do you want to add a TV subscription?” TV? You mean television? People are still signing up for…

Politics and sports have run parallel for more than a century.

In opposition to Georgia’s new voting laws, Major League Baseball announced Friday that Atlanta will be stripped of hosting the league’s 2021 All Star Game this summer. It’s arguably the boldest decision from MLB since integrating its sport in 1947 with Jackie Robinson.

Despite the MLB considered to be one of the more conservative sports leagues alongside the NFL, even more conservative than NASCAR, the league decided to take a stand.

“Major League Baseball fundamentally supports voting rights for all Americans and opposes restrictions to the ballot box,’’ Commissioner Rob Manfred said in a statement announcing the decision. “In 2020…

From GM to BMW, not everyone has the right idea for direction in the EV market.

The 2019 BMW i3 barely gets 150 miles on a single charge.

I don’t consider myself to be a “car guy.” Sure, I love the idea of owning a Tesla and never having to step foot in a gas station ever again, and I judge anyone who has ever bought (or drove) a Pontiac Aztek. I’m not a car guy, but I love tech — so I need opinions on the future of auto, where tech and cars merge, finally.

As of right now — Friday, March 26th, 2021 — Tesla is the only logical electric vehicle anyone could ever buy. …

Watch the ways an insecure ad campaign is backfiring.

Last fall, Apple unveiled their very first Macs that feature Apple’s own M1 silicon chip. The performance on the machines is amazing, it’s something Intel can only dream of.

The most satisfying part about what Apple’s done with their own hardware here is that they promised they’d do something hard, then delievered. The execution was flawless. My M1 Mac Mini is easily the best computer I’ve ever owned. My 2017 MacBook Pro, let alone any Windows machine in my house, could never come close.

The best part about owning an iPad, iPhone, or Apple Watch is the performance. Apple’s own…

On April 15th, advertising on TikTok will start to get more aggressive.

So far, users have been able to opt-out of ad tracking on TikTok. However, on April 15th its users won’t have a choice. Their personalized ad policy is changing.

Currently, users can opt-out of those targeted advertisements. The ads are based on users’ “interests,” by things you watch and look up on the TikTok app. The social media phenomenon just sent users a notice that this will be mandatory moving forward.


NBCUniversal is making The Office free on its streaming service Peacock for one week, starting today (March 18th), in celebration of the show’s sixteenth anniversary.

The Office has been a Peacock exclusive since it was pulled from Netflix on January 1st. It was one of the most-watched shows on any streaming service. Normally, Peacock allows free accounts to stream the first two seasons of select “premium” content. The Office is “premium” along with Law & Order: SVU, Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist, and others. To view seasons 3–9 of The Office, Peacock offers their ad-supported Premium tier at $4.99/mo or their ad-free…

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