3 realistic ideas for Red Dead Redemption III

Why a prequel to Red Dead Redemption II isn’t a good idea.

Brad LaPlante
5 min readOct 7, 2022


Sadie Adler

Maybe the biggest news in all of video games right now is the Grand Theft Auto VI leak, which saw 90 gameplay test videos get leaked and posted online.

Rockstar is most likely trying to mitigate this PR crisis by removing the videos and hold whoever leaked them responsible.

For Grand Theft Auto, I don’t think this hurts them.

I, however, would take a new Red Dead video game over Grand Theft Auto any time. But I know that is not a shared opinion among most players. Grand Theft Auto is infinitely more popular, both with its brand and the amount of players who play the game.

It also helps that Grand Theft Auto Online is so much more popular than Red Dead Online.

Here are three “realistic” ideas to consider in the next Red Dead video game.

Sadie Adler in South America

Sadie Adler in Red Dead Redemption II

Let’s just get one thing right. Sadie Adler is an absolute badass and probably my favorite character in the game. Her character arc is also obviously not finished.

At the end of Red Dead Redemption II, it is implied that Sadie heads to South America to focus on bounty hunting as she leaves John, Abigail, their son Jack, and Uncle at Beecher’s Hope.

In the game’s main story, Sadie Adler is rescued in the game’s first mission when the O’Driscoll gang kills her husband. She doesn’t take a larger role in the game until later in chapter four and much more in chapter six. In the final chapter, Sadie and Arthur help break John out of prison.

In the epilogue as John, Sadie reaches out to John via telegram when she has bounty hunting work for him so he can pay off his mortgage.

One of Grand Theft Auto’s two main protagonists will be a woman named Lucia, so a female-led Red Dead game isn’t far-fetched at all. It will be interesting to see if Rockstar is actually willing to go with a full-fledged female-led video game or if they make…